Fitting the home gym

Something happened about a month ago that was the final straw for me and my journeys to my local gym. I don’t want to go into detail too much, but it seems many people lack common courtesy and it was beginning to irritate me and cause me to have negative feeling towards working out, which isn’t something I had ever experienced in the past.

So what I have decided to do is build my own gym full of cardio equipment right here in the house. It’s going to help me in more ways than one. For example, saving made on gas, saving made on time, and savings made on gym membership. If all goes according to plan, and nothing breaks early on, it should pay for itself within a year.

We are still in the process of renovating the old garage, and turning it into this fitness playground idea I had, and the other DIY tasks I’ve got going are eating into time I would otherwise be dedicating to this, but it’s moving in the right direction.

I’ve been looking at several elliptical machine reviews online on, which has helped me out in picking one for my needs. The Schwinn 430 does look promising and although I’ve heard conflicting views about the striding position one takes when training on it, there is enough resistance and programs to keep you challenged, which is just what i’m after.

Then in addition to the elliptical trainer, I’m going to want to look at getting some weight plates, a flat bench, and a barbell for heavy lifting, and potentially a rowing machine. That’s not 100% guaranteed yet, as I may decide to conduct my cardio outside in the great outdoors. There are plenty of good trails to run through in this area, and it would be a shame to let them go to waste. Maybe indoor cardio will be something I end up doing in the winter months.

However, before I can actually fit my first workout session in, i’m going to have to work towards finishing the lounge and bathroom, which are arduous tasks themselves, and proving difficult and time consuming. But hey, I’m up to the challenge, I’m really looking forward to my very own man den, full of fitness equipment.