New shower head came today

For the past few years myself and the wife have been talking about improving the interior of the household. So that’s something I have been working on. I say I, but what I mean is talking a few friends into helping me out too. And it was well worth doing that as the bathroom renovation has proven tricky and expensive so far.

The floor used to have a carpet, which as you can understand is pretty unhygienic for such a room. We ended up tearing that up and putting in some tiled flooring that are going to be much easier to clean. They look pretty good too with a hexagonal shape and a cream finish.

Another suspect bit of decorating for this room was some old fashioned wallpaper that didn’t match anything in the environment. We spent a day peeling it off, and added several licks of white paint over the coming days. The result? A beautiful, bright bathroom that looks fantastic. As a bonus, the wife is happy.

bathroom-blindsNext up was the shower. Whilst we wanted to get one of the best shower heads on the market, like one of those professional ones over on, we just don’t have enough space to do that. So we had a look at some reviews for some of the leading brands including Speakman, Delta Faucet, and KOHLER. After much research, we ended up choosing a Moen shower head, which looks great and has some great spray settings that will boost our apartments lower than average water pressure.

Now that it’s been fitted, i’m quite impressed with the variety in power you get through the jets. For such a small head, it’s quite high performance.

We have a few finishing touches on top of this to do over the next week or so, namely the bathtub and sink installation. After that, we should be able to get an idea of what the finished product is going to look like. We also have a blind installed that lets us have more control over the amount of light being let in and privacy.

Currently we feel we’ve got the colors right, it just looks more friendly and inviting as opposed to the old style carpet and wallpaper. The upgrades made to the shower and bath will, of course, improve our experience and bring it all together hopefully.

It’s been quite a long time in the making, but we believe we’re finally getting towards the end of this project which is a great feeling. It was getting expensive anyway! Onward and upwards towards the lounge, and that ever elusive gym.

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