Who wouldn’t want a massage chair?

Evening all. Well, after some though and discussion, we have decided to make the next step of our home improvement journey. This will involve careful planning and special attention being paid to user comfort because it’s one of the only places in the house that is made for relaxation. If you take that away, your house isn’t going to feel very homely.

We will be sorting out the under flooring, simply because there seems to be too much heat lost and we feel like there is a draft that needs to be handled. So we will be doing our best to insulate this as a base layer to improve upon.

Then, we will be worrying about the look and feel of the lounge as a whole. We will be doing away with the wooden floorboards, then putting in a new navy blue carpet. It’s much better to walk bare foot on carpet than it is on wood, and it’s warmer and comfier.

We will then be painting the walls a certain color. Which I hear you ask? That’s still undecided and something we will be looking into further as we go along. We don’t want it to clash with the colors already in the room, so we want to ensure we’re making the right choice before we make any kind of decision.

Then finally, we will be getting the right sort of furniture and couches in the room. The basics will include a coffee table, lamps, and sofas that are leather and stylish. It’s a throw up between brown and black leather currently, and that’s also dependent on the color we paint the walls.

We’ve also been looking into a few other ways to make the lounge a bit more homely. One of these ways discussed is getting a good massage chair. Paying a masseuse can get a bit expensive, and it’s nice to know that you’ve got something like this at home to go back to. We’re looking at several of the mid range massage chairs, like those listed on Themassagethrone.com. They have some helpful reviews that are helping us choose. We are not certain, but we think we may end up getting a Panasonic. It’s zero gravity and has all kinds of heat therapy options and rollers that work your whole body. Sounds like my idea of heaven, especially coming in from work.

A few other things being discussed involve letting more light in through a bigger window, and heating options. The plans are coming together, the shower is looking great and once we know the colors for this room, work begins! I also have plans in motion for building my own gym too, so that will be a nice challenge.

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